Coutor - Female, red-nosed pitbull. Very sweet...great personality. 5 years old.

Wrangler - 1 year old male, Lab/Pit mix.





Nika - 2-3 yr old female boxer/staffordshire mix, very friendly girl, energetic, good with other dogs, but may want to be the dominant, seems to be ok with cats as well, loves all people she meets.

Panther - Male elder cat, gorgeous, super friendly, good with other cats, fine by dogs, very sweet boy.


Nitro -  1 yr old lab/pit mix, male, super friendly, energetic, good with other dogs. 


Zena - 2 yr old female black cat,,, very very friendly, good with other animals


Averi - 2 yr old tortie female, very sweet, good with other animals


Blaze - 2-3 yr old male cat, regal boy, ok with other cats, no dogs.